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"United Nations /Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport (UN/EDIFACT) is the international standard for EDI messages.
The standard describes a number of messages (transactions) that occur frequently, the syntax (structure) of these messages and the protocol past which these messages are exchanged.
Common electronic messages are orders, packing slips (DESADV) and invoices (INVOIC). Also, messages with article data (PRICAT) stock data (INVRPT), etc. are common.


  • EDI is known worldwide, a request for EDI is not a surprise
  • Content of EDI messages is language independent
  • Due to the standard there is little or no discussion about what information should be shared and what it's format must be

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About EDI

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a standard for the -automated- exchange of data between the information systems of companies. Basically without any human intervention.
It is a form of "electronic business" which is especially used for frequent transactions.

If you already use a logistic or ERP application, it is required to purchase EDI tools in order to create "EDI messages" and to be able to communicate.

I would be happy to help you start, optimize or renew your processes and EDI interfaces.
Click here for more information about my EDI services.

Click here for more information about my EDI services