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My EDI Services

My name is Lucas van der Molen, I am an independent EDI consultant.
I do not supply EDI software myself, yet I can assist you with selecting the most suitable application for your company, or help with the implementation (or optimization!) of the solution you have already chosen.

Most of my experience with EDI I gained from the Food Industry and Logistics.
I have set up EDI projects with various "producers" in these sectors. In addition, I am also familiar with the other side of the table for I have been an interim EDI manager for a large retail company from Zaandam for half a year.

For GS1 (formerly EAN Netherlands) I have done several projects (including intakes for EDI certification) and I was closely involved in several EDI implementation guidelines.
I have assisted many companies with the certification of their EDI process. One of my most recent projects is the establishment of several "interfaces" from clients to their logistics service provider.
This involves the DESADV D01B in particular, which consists of a packing slip with packaging details, SSCC code (pallet label), expiration date and batch code per pallet.
Interesting to know is that, if you already have multiple interfaces up and running, you can probably still save a lot of money by, for instance, choosing less expensive solutions (e.g. internet or as2, instead of your current EDI mailbox).

My mottos:
- Ensure all information is correct;
- If your partner "forces" you to use EDI, then still try achieving better efficiency from it yourself;
- Discover what you can save more with EDI*.

* I have seen a manufacturer who printed packing slips (with a lot of hassle with the printer and continuous stationery), which were then faxed to their logistics service provider who, in turn, had to enter the data on the slip into their own application! (help!)

From which partner do you receive invoices you have to enter manually the most? Your logistics service provider? Or an employment agency? Ask them to supply those invoices by EDI!
Who do you send the most invoices, packing slips or specifications yourself? Ask if you can send those electronically!
Besides it being easier for you, you could also stipulate a discount or charge a surcharge!

I consider the industry and achievable benefits very fascinating and inspiring and would like to help you with your issues.
Are you interested in my assistance? Please fill in the contact form and I will contact you.


Lucas van der Molen